A time travel e-commerce platform

Branding and Identity
Visual Design

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TLDR Summary

This is a UX case study for a hypothetical company, called Zeit, focusing on product development for a new kind of e-commerce platform, as well as original branding and identity work.

My Role

I researched, designed, tested and iterated an original time travel e-commerce platform, and developed the brand and identity.

What is Zeit?

Short version

A time travel company, subsidiary of Virgin Group.

Longer version

Imagine taking airfare aggregators like Kayak and Expedia, trip and accommodation booking sites like Airbnb, and customer review spaces like Trip Advisor and Yelp, throw in time travel, then put them all into a blender...This is Zeit, Virgin Group’s time travel e-commerce travel booking platform.


80 hours, 4 weeks

Full case study

Key insights

One key takeaway is that potential time travelers prefer to search and browse by trip category (e.g. geography) and genre (e.g. architecture) than by a particular time period.

I also learned a great deal about the tension inherent between a novel/intriguing design and a feasible design. Working on Zeit provided me with an appreciation for the business/engineering limitations that impact cost and time, and therefore my work as a designer.