I'm a Chicago-based Creative Designer and Teaching Artist, working at the crossroads of UI/UX, graphic design, illustration and education.

A little background

Raised by foreign service workers in the 1990s, I am a son of many places and of nowhere in particular. Along the way I have become an adaptive, open-minded, and empathetic person. I am always learning new skills, languages, cooking techniques, you name it. I have a voracious appetite for all kinds of music. When I have the time, I like to make it as well.

After earning my MFA in Studio Painting in 2011, I planted my roots in Chicago, working in the world of arts and education ever since. I am inspired by fellow artists and teachers and I steep myself in history, striving to better contribute to my city and its people through art and design.

I am currently looking for opportunities to contribute my skills and perspective to organizations that make positive social impact.

If you are in need of someone with a curious mind, sharp eye and well-coordinated hands, let’s talk!


clients, Past and present

-The Audio Visual and Interaction Design Association (AVIXA)
-Amdur Spitz and Associates
-Rudd Resources
-The Chicago Teachers Union (Caucus of Rank and File Educators)
-The Chicago Architecture Center
-The American Planning Association
-National Geographic Student Expeditions
-Harvard Philosopher Myisha Cherry
-Theatre director Georges Bigot and Theatre Y
-Millennia Consulting
-Chicagoly Magazine


Here it is!

artist showing & Teaching history

Here you go!

p.s. Here’s a strange comic I made about clicking