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Devin Mawdsley

I'm a Chicago-based creative designer, working at the crossroads of UI/UX and illustration.

A little background

Raised by foreign service workers in the 1990s, I am a son of many places and of nowhere in particular. Along the way I have become an adaptive, open-minded, and empathetic person. I am always learning new skills, languages, cooking techniques, you name it. My nickname growing up was “spiderman.” I vibe with electronic and afrobeat music. When I have the time, I like to make it as well.

After earning my MFA in Studio Painting in 2011, I planted my roots in Chicago, working in the world of arts and education ever since. I am inspired by fellow artists and teachers and I steep myself in history, striving to better contribute to my city and its people through art and design.

Having recently graduated from Designlab’s rigorous UX Academy, I am looking for opportunities to contribute my skills and perspective to organizations that make positive social impact.

If you are in need of someone with a curious mind, sharp eye and well-coordinated hands, let’s talk!


Past and present clients

The Chicago Teachers Union (Caucus of Rank and File Educators)
The Chicago Architecture Center
The American Planning Association
National Geographic Student Expeditions
Harvard Philosopher Myisha Cherry
Theatre director Georges Bigot and Theatre Y
Millennia Consulting
Chicagoly Magazine


Here it is!

artist showing/Teaching history

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p.s. Here’s a strange comic I made about clicking


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