Spotify Mixtapes

A streaming music social feature

Information Architecture
Visual Design

Full case study


TLDR Summary

This is a UX case study for a proposed social feature - Spotify Mixtapes - that I developed for Spotify, the on-demand music streaming service.

"Create new mixtape" flow

My Role

I researched, designed, tested and iterated an original social feature for Spotify, and streamlined the visual identity of this new feature. This was done as a project through my UX Academy coursework with Designlab.

Spotify, arguably the leader in the streaming music market, does not have a well-developed social component.

They and their competitors have attempted to integrate social features, but have found this to be a difficult task, and ultimately pulled their initial attempts, as Spotify did with its chat feature.

The brief for this project was to expand into the social space and improve engagement and retention in the Spotify app.


90 hours, 4 weeks

Full case study

Screens, Flows and Walk-throughs

1. Adjust Mixtape Settings

2. Create New Mixtape, Personalize and Transmit

3. Receive and Listen

Key insights

As a designer, it is crucial to uncover and utilize users’ existing knowledge of design patterns, especially when designing a new aspect of an existing and popular project.

Concerning sociality and the internet, users and interviewees that I spoke with expressed a feeling that, while they love the expansive quality of the internet, they find it challenging and stressful to make meaningful, intimate connections through existing web platforms. This is an area ripe for improvement and future exploration.